Kylie Jenner Looked Amazing At Justin Bieber’s Wedding, But Some Fans Are Upset For This Particular Reason

Kylie Jenner attended Justin Bieber’s wedding, and she looked drop-dead gorgeous. She was literally dripping gold, as you will see in the pics below.

The golden dress that she chose for this important event truly made her look like a goddess, and this was the very reason that made some fans upset.

A lot of people said that it was not very nice of her to outshine the bride, Hailey Bieber like that.

A follower commented: ‘If my friend would wear this to my wedding i’d be mad asf….’

A person said: ‘Oh she would have to go lol you not about to out dress me sis😂😂’ and someone else wrote: ‘Looked better than the Bride.’

One other follower said the same thing: ‘For a wedding? That dress for a whole other occasion.’

A person wrote: ‘If someone comes to my wedding dressed like this they will be asked to leave 😂’

One follower seems to feel the same and said: ‘She looks super cute, but this def isn’t wedding attire to someone else’s wedding in my opinion.’

Someone else posted: ‘Who tf wears this to a WEDDING????? This is not appropriate for the occasion. Wait till Travis ACTUALLY marries you..if he does 💀’

Another commenter wrote: ‘You do not upstage someone’s wedding! No class at all.’


Other than this, some disturbing rumors regarding Kylie and her baby daddy, Travis Scott have just surfaced online, but these have not been confirmed.

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