Program this “pro grade” robot to do your bidding

Way back in 2011, brainiacs from Willow Garage recognized the need for a task-agnostic robot that developers and students could use as a platform for their own creations. Enter Turtlebot, a roving mobile shelf, essentially, built for robotic customization. The need for task-agnostic robotics platforms hasn’t diminished, and now Misty II, another platform robot, albeit […]


Getting AirPods Pro? Here’s why you should get AppleCare+ as well

On Monday, Apple announced its newest wireless earbuds, the AirPods Pro. The $250 wireless earbuds are the most expensive we’ve seen from Apple, and also the most capable. The Pro version of the extremely popular AirPods includes active noise cancellation, a new transparency mode, improved sound, and a new design. However, if you’re going to […]


DJI’s small, lightweight Mavic Mini brings us closer to an era of drone-filled skies

The “Mavic Mini,” which ships starting November 11th for $399, is DJI’s first drone that weighs less than 250 grams, a breakthrough in small and light aircraft that have big features such as a gimbal for stabilization and high-quality video cameras. It may point the way to a future where drones inhabit populated areas. You […]

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This is how malicious Android apps avoid Google’s security vetting

Google maintains a strict cybersecurity posture when it comes to the functionality and behavior of apps submitted by developers for hosting on the official Google Play Store, but sometimes, malicious software slips through the net.  Malicious Android apps can take a variety of forms — they may be laden with adware designed to generate fraudulent […]